Toxi City: Exploring Brooklyn's Industrial Legacy

April 26th-Gowanus and Red Hook

Posted in Brownfield,Gowanus Canal,Red Hook by Robin on June 8, 2009
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Early on Sunday morning, I found a parking lot on 6th Street open from which one gets a good view of the Whole Foods site.

Then I walked around to 2nd ave. This view is looking towards Ferrarra Brothers on the other side of the canal.

This sumac is starting to grow at the end of of Huntington Street at the edge of the canal.

The site called Gowanus Village is in the background. Its primary contaminant is PCBs as it was the Nassau Electric Railroad Powerhouse.

In the afternoon, I went with Nina to Red Hook. It was midday and hot. I was doubtful I would get anything shooting in the direct light but we went into the undeveloped lot right next to Ikea, accessible from Columbia Street, which I assume was also part of the U. S. Dredging Shipyards. In the far corner of the lot was a makeshift shelter surrounded by shopping carts. My guess is that someone lives there. This would be his or her view.


The site has some small indications of its former use.


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