Toxi City: Exploring Brooklyn's Industrial Legacy

Coney Island

Posted in Brooklyn,Coney Island by Robin on October 18, 2010

It is quite possible that the most toxic thing on Coney Island is poverty. A walk down Mermaid Avenue is a very different experience than one two blocks over down the boardwalk. I didn’t capture it. Here are a couple of the survivors.

This man standing on the corner in front of the white fence isn’t such a survivor. He asked me for money for a cup of coffee as I stood on the corner photographing one of the Coney Island Houses with broken windows. Calling them Coney Island Houses is of course a euphemism as these are apartment buildings.

I don’t understand the economics of Coney Island. How can there be undeveloped land right on the beach? What I don’t show here is the gate walling off Seagate a few blocks from here.

it is not because this is a flood zone.

These are the O’Dwyer Garden Houses.

This little boy was playing in the playground of the Coney Island Houses.

Here is the more familiar side of Coney Island: the beach and the amusement area.


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