Toxi City: Exploring Brooklyn's Industrial Legacy


Posted in Brooklyn Waterfront,Brownfield,Gravesend by Robin on June 29, 2009
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There are two sites on Shore Parkway on the state’s remediation list. One is considered remediated. It now appears to be Mercedes Benz dealership. The other is a petroleum bulk storage owned by Bayside Oil, 1776 Shore Parkway. A fortuitous number.


I like how the traffic arrow works here suggesting that things are flowing out of the site. In fact there is a petroleum plume on the southwest side of the storage tank.The tank is under the man-made hill to the right of the area in this second photo.


Then I walked over to Calvert Vaux Park. It was hot and although the map promised Gravesend Bay, it was not to be seen when I entered the park.

In one direction, you can see the tip of Coney island, in the other the Verranzano.