Toxi City: Exploring Brooklyn's Industrial Legacy

Grand Central

Posted in Grand Central,New York City by Robin on January 19, 2009

Richard Hanley asked me if I would go to Grand Central to get a crowd shot for an issue of the Journal of Urban Technology on mobile media. I went up last Friday morning. It is very dark inside the terminal. At first I was shooting with a 50mm lens that opens to f1.4. But I wasn’t going to get a crowd scene with that from up on the stairs. I tried from the escalator but it was too fast for me.


I then decided to try resting the camera on the railing and put on the longer lens 70-200 which is effectively 300mm on the 20d. I got this lovely shot which I think gives the sense of the isolation from one’s immediate environment created by mobile media.


In the end, Richard decided to use something I shot in China three years ago.