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Paedegat Basin area

Posted in Brooklyn,Brownfield,Paedegat Basin by Robin on September 6, 2009

Nina and I went out to check out two brownfield sites near Paedegat Basin today. The first is in a strip mall. Called Bon Ton Cleaners in the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, it is now actually called Rebecca Cleaners. Remediation is complete as of last September and it supposedly reduced the effects of soil vapor levels of TETRACHLOROETHYLENE (PCE).

Then we walked over to a site called Harbor Estates Property. It is a housing development built on the Ralph Avenue Truck Fill. The remediation measures included digging up two feet of soil and replacing with clean soil. The deed restrictions forbid digging deeper than 2 feet.

Across the street, Nina noticed this mobile synagogue on Avenue M. Several young woman came over to talk to us as we were photographing it. they wanted to know if we were Jewish, if we were lost souls that could be saved. It was sad to disappoint them.

Below is the 69th Street side:


On Bergen Avenue, we followed a dirt biker into the area along Paedegat Basin itself.

At the top of the basin is the Bureau of Sewers.