Toxi City: Exploring Brooklyn's Industrial Legacy

388 Bridge Street

Posted in Brownfield,Downtown Brooklyn by Robin on July 17, 2009
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On Wednesday, July 15th, I went by 388 Bridge Street in downtown Brooklyn. This site is in the Brownfield Cleanup Program and its application is under review. No information is available. It is basically a site ready for construction. This photo looks from Lawrence Street through to Bridge Street.

The site disrupts the pedestrian traffic with concrete barriers on the Bridge Street side.

Inside the site all is quiet for now. I assume as they resolve the toxicity issue. or maybe the developer is just broke. The signs around the site were not informative.

Bridge Street has a a small town feel. I could imagine the old Brooklyn as I stood there.

The historical use of this site might provide some insight. but still it was a bit puzzling as to why this site and not others that have historic uses that made them so polluted.