Toxi City: Exploring Brooklyn's Industrial Legacy

Spring Creek

On Friday, I went out to view what I could of the Pennsylvania Avenue and Fountain Avenue landfill sites. All I an say is how I totally underestimated the scale of the sites. They are huge and quite high. The Pennsylvania Avenue site rises to 80 feet. The Fountain Avenue site higher.


The whole site is fenced. I was discouraged about getting a good view as I walked along. This is from the other side of Fresh Creek.There is one spot where one can get down to the water and get a clear shot with no fences.

I saw this guy down there.

I walked along the bike/pedestrian path that runs between the landfill and the belt parkway.

On the other side of Hendrix Creek is the Fountain Avenue Landfill which is even larger than the Pennsylvania Avenue one. And harder to get a clear view of least at this end. I was running out of time and tried to see what I could through the fence.

There are cement barriers along the fence here. Supposedly dirt bike riders kept breaking in.

This is shot from the Pennsylvania Avenue Side of Hendrix Creek.