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Sunset Park

Posted in Brownfield,Sunset Park by Robin on June 28, 2009
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I set out to Sunset Park today in hopes of getting something of the piers behind the Bush Terminal. There is a pool store that has an entrance at 50th and 1st. I had the vague plan that on Saturday afternoon it would look like I was going to the Pool store but I could walk around behind the building to Marginal Street and photograph the brownfield area. No such luck. Lots of security personnel as well as fences.

I was getting ready to leave, feeling discouraged, when I looked down 51st street and a very clear view of the water drew me down the street. At the actual waterfront I turned the corner and there through a chain link fence were the piers I was hoping to photograph. As I walked up to the fence to my left was a large pier that belongs to the Sanitation Department. There was a man on it. I asked him if he would mind if I took a few photos. He said ok, and I walked through the fence and now had a clear view o the brownfield area. We chatted and he walked me down the pier. The view of New York harbor was awesome and I could see the brownfield area. He told me there had been a seal in the area recently.
The end of the pier itself is collapsing.